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Heavy Duty Blank Side Opening Plastic Dividers (Tab 3), Pack of 10
Heavy Duty Blank Side Opening Plastic Dividers (Tab 3), Pack of 10
Heavy Duty Blank Side Opening Plastic Dividers (Tab 3), Pack of 10

Heavy Duty Blank Side Opening Plastic Dividers (Tab 3), Pack of 10

Durable, long lasting, and great for the office, warehouse, or school.
  • Sku: 2618-03
  • Binder Style Side Opening
  • Size Pre-punched holes made to fit 2, 3 and 5 Ring Binders
  • Tab Title Blank
  • Tab Color Pale Blue, Pink, or Yellow
  • Tab Position Tab 3
  • Number of Tabs Available in Pack of 10
  • Product Dimensions L‎11 x W9.13 x H0.19 inches
  • Individual Tab Size L1.25 x H.5 inches
  • Material Polyethylene Plastic, BPA/BPF/BPS Free
  • Warranty 3-year Limited
  • Origin Proudly made in the USA of US and imported parts
  • Manufacturer Carstens
durable ring binder dividers
durable ring binder dividers
Your Organizing Partner

These Side Opening plastic dividers are made of a tough polyethylene plastic that can withstand the twisting and straining of heavy use in a medical institution, school, or typical office environment without any tearing or warping. The hole pattern is compatible with binders with 2, 3, and 5 rings.

So Fresh And So Clean

Did you know typical paper dividers absorb liquids and retain bacteria? Yuck. Our hospital-grade (and germ-a-phobe approved), non-porous plastic index divider surface is impenetrable to air and liquids, preventing bacteria from growing beyond the surface, so they're easy to clean and disinfect.

professional ring binder organizing accessories
Helping You Stay Focused

These robust yellow plastic divider sets are built to withstand regular, repeated use. They're ideal for organizing assignments, personal finances, recipes, coupons, sheet music, and anything else that requires organization. With these plastic dividers, you'll have an organizing advantage, helping you stay focused!

Our Plastic Dividers, Our Future
recycled plastic pellets
Our Plastic Dividers, Our Future

Our plastic dividers are composed of BPA, BPF, and BPS-free plastic, making them both durable and environmentally friendly. Plastic dividers are made from #2 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and should be recyclable in most curbside programs.

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Why Ring Binder

Ring Binder is a woman-owned and operated company that takes pride in manufacturing our products in the United States. With a 130-year history of producing high-quality products in healthcare, education, and business, we are here to serve you and your teams.